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Sleepy possessive things …

Sleepy possessive things …

Sitting here with a cat on my arms, so of course I cant draw.
Do you have questions for me? Hit me <3

felixculpa: Your art is stunning D: I miss you! Sending lots of good wishes and love xxx

*grabs the love*

avampire-sdeath: You're an amazing artist. Your work speaks to me on a profound level.

Thankyou so very much…it’s one of the best rewards <3

crocodilecosmique: Your art is gorgeous! How did you learn? My style of drawing looks like yours a bit, but your technique is far more worked! I was wondering if you were studying art or stg? :) Anyway, I love what you do, it's beautiful!

Thankyou very much!
I learned by observing and practicing. I didnt go to art school or art courses and I just…figured it out along the way, I guess; as for everything else, practice is what makes you improve.

thedeepestshadow: Hi there , I've only just stumbled across your work and its stunning . If im not being too nosey I wondered what materials you use to draw/paint . Kind regards :0)

I am sorry this take a while to answer…I totally missed the notification >.<

Thankyou for appreciating my work!

I like to experiment and play with several things, but my main tools are ink, with both dip pen and fineliners, ballpoint pens, and lately graphite :)

I finally properly printed and put for sale my two drypoints.

Drypoint is very immediate in that it can be used like a drawing. One sketches directly on a plate with a sharp tool. The plate is then inked. With dampened paper and felts placed on top, the plate is pressed and the image is transferred to the dampened paper.
In this case, the plate is inked with quality oil-based black intaglio ink, and printed using a palm press; the deliberate small differences in inking and the use of the palm press make so that each print comes out slightly different, giving each drypoint a specific “soul”.

These are limited to a number of 5 each, and they are going fast. If you want to have your own Artist Print in your collection, here is the link to my Etsy shop


Slooooow progress

Slooooow progress

Moleskine doodle

Moleskine doodle

Drypoint I printed this morning. It&#8217;s going to be a very small edition, probably only 5 prints.

Drypoint I printed this morning. It’s going to be a very small edition, probably only 5 prints.